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Architectural Assessment, Old Souk, Massawa

Dahlak Island Master Plan in Eritrea

PM/CM - Dahlak Island Resort

Detailed Design – Banca d’Italia

Detailed Design – Red Sea Hotel

Detailed Design – Asmara Boutique Hotel

Interior Design – Qatari Diar Headquarters

Evaluation of Granite Quarrying Potential

Evaluation of Marble Quarrying Potential

Evaluation of Cement Quarrying Potential

Site Evaluation – Villa for the Emir of Qatar

Evaluation of 9 sites for a Boutique Hotel

Architectural Assessment – Imperial Palace

Architectural Assessment – Torino Hotel

Architectural Assessment – Bank of Italy

Master Plan – Old City of Massawa

Red Sea Hotel – E/M Assessment

Red Sea Hotel – Architectural Assessment

Assessment of a Beach Hotel

Assessment of a Beach Resort