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Services / Environmental

EDESSA has invested over the years in a number of field and laboratory equipment for various applications ranging from topographic survey, marine geophysical applications, geotechnical testing and environmental testing. Below are examples of some of these equipment.

Environmental Testing


EDESSA has a state of the art EVM-7 multi-parameter air
monitoring logger manufactured by Quest Technologies (a 3M
Company) with the testing of the following parameters:

Relative Humidity;
Particulate Matter (PM);
VOC and
CO, SOx or NOx


EDESSA has a Kestrel 4500 weather meter capable of measuring wind speed and direction.

EDESSA has a TES-1350 noise meter capable of measuring ambient noise indoor and outdoor with subdecimal decibel accuracy.

EDESSA owns a wide range of water testing equipment. The available equipment allows us to measure more than 100 parameters and consists mainly of the following instruments.
SMART 3 Colorimeter

The SMART3 Colorimeter is ideal for water analysis in the field. The reacted sample is always scanned at the optimum wavelength which is automatically selected from the multiple LED optical system.

TDS/Salt/Conductivity Tracer

The LaMotte Tracer is a revolutionary, measurement device that offers direct reading of salinity, conductivity, and TDS in water with one electrode. The tester’s probe will detect TDS and Sodium Chloride values between 0 and 9,999

Calcium, Magnesium & Hardness test kit

This kit is used to test Total Hardness and Calcium Hardness in water by using the Dropper Bottle method.