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EDESSA is an acronym for Engineering, Design and Environmental Services S.A. We are a leading engineering and environmental firm who has conducted numerous consultancy, design, supervision and contracting projects around the world.

EDESSA was setup in November 2000 by taking over the activities of Dames & Moore, one of the largest US environmental engineering firms, in Lebanon. Although the firm, as such, was setup in 2000, the EDESSA team has been operating in Beirut under the Dames & Moore name since 1993 and has conducted hundreds of projects in various environmental and engineering fields for dozens of clients in Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

The EDESSA logo incorporates the engineering symbol for precision and accuracy, symbolizing our work spirit and philosophy. The colors of the logo combine the colors of the environment. The overlays of the engineering emblem represent the ground, symbol of our earth sciences expertise, and the air, symbol of the environmental services we provide.

Our fields of activities encompass a full spectrum of services in the areas of:

  • The Environment,
  • Marine works,
  • Earth Sciences,
  • Civil Engineering

We are able to follow a project from inception to execution through:

  • Strategic Studies,
  • Pre-planning and master plans,
  • Site evaluations,
  • Engineering and design,
  • Project and construction management and execution

The firm’s projects comprise a high degree of diversity including industrial facilities, commercial, tourist and residential developments, infrastructures, waste management, treatment facilities and natural resources development. Our clients include leading corporations and developers, businesses and industries in the private sector, public utilities companies, architects, engineers, contractors, financial institutions and governmental agencies.