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Architectural Assessment, Old Souk, Massawa

Site Assessment of the New Palmyra Airport

Existing Plamyra Airport Syria

The Dabaa Airport Upgrade Syria

Master Plan of Homs Old City

Industrial Zone of Hassia Syria

Hassia' Technology Park Syria

Assessment, Design and CM Services

Environmental Site Assessment, Skikda, Algeria

Environmental Audit El Ghoul Co.

IEE Gemmayzeh Village Project

IEE Urban Dreams Residential Project

Conceptual design of RDF/gasification plant

Design of sorting and compost plants

ESIA and water resource management study

Audits of Solid Waste Management Systems

Environmental Audit, Concrete Batching Facility

Marine Surveys – Zahrani FSRU and Breakwater

Bathymetric Surveys - Pipeline Landings

IEE Aqua Gate Residential Resort

IEE Harbor - 970 Tower Harbor

IEE Shahrour Residential Towers

IEE Louaizeh Hills Residential Complex

IEE Salame Petrol Filling Station

Healthcare Waste Situation in Lebanon

Wastewater Situation in Lebanon

Renovation of a private Villa Awkar, Lebanon

Industrial Audit Paper Recycling Plant

Industrial Audit Suzuki Motors

Industrial Master Plan Suzuki Motors

Technical Assistance and Geotechnical Study

Tabarja/Kfaryassine Sewer Outfall

Supervision of Offshore Geotechnical Investigation

Near-Shore Geotechnical Investigation Survey, Doura

Environmental Baseline Data Sediment Sample Analysis

Beirut Central District Assessment

Waste Characterization Study, Domestic SWMC

Follow up Indoor Air Quality Assessment

Mozart Chahine Showroom and Music School

Indoor Air Quality Assessment

Muriel A. Showroom - Beirut Central District

Natuzzi Showroom - Beirut Central District

Al Moudir Office Building - Jal El Dib

Sharjah Dumpsites Investigation

SW Characterization - Emirates Airlines flight

Grocery Facilities Survey and GIS Mapping

CEMP Baynunah Academic Complex

PER – Institute of Applied Technology

CEMP - Institute of Applied Technology

EIA – Dubai Promenade Runway Project

EIA - Tilal Bhersaf Residential Development

EIA - Proposed Private Road in Bentael

Technical Assistance and PEIA for FSRU Terminals

PEIA Siting of LNG Terminal Offshore Zahrani

PEIA Siting of LNG Terminal Offshore Selaata

PEIA Siting of LNG Shuttle Terminal Onshore Jieh

PEIA Siting of LNG Terminal Offshore Beddawi

Operation and Closure of Marrakech Dumpsite

Construction and Operation of Nador Landfill

Remediation of Zef-Zef Dumpsite

Construction of Reghaia Landfill

Remediation of Berka Zergha Dumpsite

General Contracting Tufenkjian Villa

Construction Management Courtyard Project

PM/CM Four Point Sheraton Hotel

Waste Management Study Caza of Tyre

SEA Mirfa’ Western Region, UAE

Sea Outfall of Northern Beirut WWTP

EIA Rayyan Hills Development

Treatment of Poultry Waste Feasibility Study

Gas Emission and Access Road Assessment

Wastewater Treatment Plants

Beirut Central District Marine Works

Road Design Mixed Used Development

Earthworks Design Mixed Used Development

Construction Management Lot - 1133

Saint Coeurs Convent

Major Restructuring Works Mhanna Residence

Restructuring - Perimetre Immobilier

Restructuring works School of Nursing

Restructuring works Tannous Tower

Refurbishment and Restructuring UFA

Construction Management, Foch Residence

HSE Guidelines for Cement Quarry

Evaluation of Cement Quarrying

Dahlak Island Master Plan in Eritrea

Ibn Walid Tower in Homs, Syria

Ras Marbat Mixed Used Development

Elephant Bay Resort – Aden, Yemen

Site Evaluations – Aden, Yemen

Site Evaluations – Damascus, Syria

Site Evaluations - Montenegro

PM/CM - Dahlak Island Resort

Detailed Design – Banca d’Italia

Detailed Design – Red Sea Hotel

Detailed Design – Asmara Boutique Hotel

Interior Design – Qatari Diar Headquarters

Field Investigation Faj Attan Development

Evaluation of Granite Quarrying Potential

Evaluation of Marble Quarrying Potential

Evaluation of Cement Quarrying Potential

Site Evaluation – Villa for the Emir of Qatar

Engineering Studies – Mixed Used

Evaluation of 9 sites for a Boutique Hotel

Architectural Assessment – Imperial Palace

Architectural Assessment – Torino Hotel

Architectural Assessment – Bank of Italy

Master Plan – Old City of Massawa

Red Sea Hotel – E/M Assessment

Red Sea Hotel – Architectural Assessment

Assessment of a Beach Hotel

Assessment of a Beach Resort

Mixed Use Commercial and Residential Development

Normandy Dump Site Remediation

Naameh Landfill Design and Supervision

Bsalim Landfill Design and Supervision

EIA, Marine and Geophysical Studies Selaata

Waste Recycling Study in Qatar

Waste Characterization Survey

Waste Collection Consultancy

Le Grey Hotel Environmental Impact Assessment

Phoenicia Hotel Environmental Assessment

Al Sharq III, Ethylene plant in KSA

Integrated Solid Waste Management Facility

Bouira Algeria Solid Waste Management Plan

Wastewater Treatment Plant, Kaoukaba

Preliminary EIA and Remediation Plan

HSE Guidelines for Oil Pipeline

Water and Gas Well Drilling in Lebanon

Naameh Wastewater Treatment Plant

Tfail Development Master Plan

Haloua SWMF Site Assessment

Movenpick Hotel Complex EIA

Geophysical, Geotechnical and EIA Studies

Offshore and Onshore Geophysical Surveys

Gas Pipeline Route Evaluation

Geological Assessment of Lebanon

Waste Management Training to the Ministry

Classification and Treatment Technologies

Baalbeck Waste Dumpsite Gas Survey

Integrated Solid Waste Management

Shipwrecks Removal Evaluation European Union

Port D’Amour Marina Development, Damour