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EDESSA’s staff has been involved in some of the most challenging coastal and offshore engineering projects in Lebanon. Whether the project includes the construction of a breakwater, a sea defense structure, a marina, an Oil & Gas project, a reclamation project, a harbor or a coastal industrial facility, our staff has provided numerous types of services to find the optimal solutions for the project siting. Our marine service capabilities include extensive marine and environmental investigations, design of marine facilities and execution of specialized marine works.

Bathymetric Survey

EDESSA has its own survey vessel equipped with state of the art positioning and echo-sounding capabilities. We produce high-level bathymetric charts and 3D models including videos of synthetized seabed. We have conducted single and multi-beam bathymetric surveys of a large portion of Lebanon coastline reaching water depths of more than 1,600 m and shallow water zones for various marine projects.

Sub-bottom profiling

In addition to bathymetric surveys, EDESSA has the equipment to conduct sub-bottom profiling. Our equipment is capable of penetrating up to 80m of clay. It provides the means to quantify the thickness of sediments overlying bedrock levels.

Side-scan sonar surveys

EDESSA has conducted numerous side-scan sonar surveys in order to locate and identify seabed features and debris on the seabed. Such technique is very useful for marine crash-site investigations, locating sunken ships or other obstacles prior to laying seabed structures such as marine outfalls or breakwater.

ROV surveys

EDESSA has a state-of-the art Proteus 500 ROV with 2km of umbilical cable. This ROV can reach up to 150m of water depth and can be deployed at great distances from the control center based on the length of its tether. As such, we can inspect outfalls from a single entry point on the coast.

Current meter surveys

When the need is to model dispersion of cooling water or contaminant plumes, EDESSA can propose the deployment of a current meter capable of logging current speed and direction over extended period of time. The following figure shows the deployment of the current meter on underwater structure.

Diving surveys

EDESSA is one of the very few companies that employ on a full-time basis an environmental and geotechnical accredited diver. We also work with a team of professional and certified divers for specific missions. Our divers have the experience and accreditation to reach great water depths if required.

Offshore geotechnical surveys

The staff of EDESSA has conducted some of the most challenging offshore geotechnical investigations for major projects in Lebanon and in the region. Whether operating from a jack-up platform or a floating barge with heave compensation systems, we have successfully conducted a number of borehole investigations and Cone Penetration Tests.


EDESSA has significant experience in inspection, investigation, design and installation of marine outfalls. Whether the need is to inspect an existing outfall, to conducting the required investigation for a new one or the design and installation of a new outfall, we have the teams and the technical support through our Cypriot partners to provide turnkey solutions.

Marine structures

Whether the need is to design or build marine structures, EDESSA has the knowhow to prepare the conceptual to detailed designs of marinas, breakwaters and other marine structures. We work with architects and specialized contractors when needed in order to come up with unique solutions to meet the Client needs and implement the projects accordingly.

Power and LNG

EDESSA has been involved in many power and LNG marine terminal projects whether in the form of shore terminals or Floating Storage Regasification Units. We have provided marine and environmental work for such projects including modeling work for the analysis of cooling water discharge.

Environmental works

Environmental works related to marine facilities often includes the preparation of an Environmental Impact Assessment. EDESSA has extensive experience in preparing such studies documenting baseline conditions including extensive marine biological studies and preparing modeling studies of the likely impacts of projects.